Agar and Everything You Need for Your
Microbiology Lab

•  We offer Nutrient Agar, Blood Agar, MacConkey Agar, Tryptic Soy Agar and more
•  Our selection of agar support a wide range of microorganisms in a stable growth environment
•  FREE resources for your microbiology lab—Carolina provides care sheets, Carolina Tips®,
   activities and videos

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Shop for Prepared Agar

Prepared Media*

Available in tubes, plates, & bottles. Our prepared media is sterilty tested, free of antibiotics, pesticides and other chemicals.
Shop Agar Prepared Media
Shop for Dehydrated Agar

Dehydrated Media

In stock, convenient & easy to use. Makes planning and preparation easy.
Shop Agar Dehydrated Media
Shop for Bacteria Cultures

Bacteria Cultures

Single celled organisms that are safe and suitable for all skill levels.
Shop for Bacteria Cultures

*Use within 1 month for best results.