Amazing Bugs® Kits and All Your
Living Organism Classroom Needs

•  Teachers will enjoy the convenience and the flexible delivery of living organisms
•  Students learn hands-on care and observation
•  Amazing Bugs® Kits include easy instructions, fun activities and a 24"x24"
   color poster
•  When you purchase an Amazing Bugs® Kit you generate a donation to the
   Big Gift to the Earth initiative

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Shop for Praying Mantis Amazing Bugs™ Kits

Engage the Classroom

Learn about mantis behavior and life cycle! Kit includes instructions, activities, and a poster.
Shop Praying Mantis Amazing Bugs® Kits
Shop for Ladybug Amazing Bugs™ Kits

Teachers' Choice

Abundant opportunities to learn and observe. Each kit has about 100 adult ladybugs. Kids can "adopt" more than one.
Shop Ladybug Amazing Bugs® Kits
Shop for Ants Amazing Bugs™ Kits

Classroom Favorite

Watch ants build an extraordinary colony in their habitat. Kits include instructions, activities, and a poster.
Shop Ants Amazing Bugs® Kits