Animals are Awesome—Especially When
They Come from Carolina

•  Wide selection—We offer a wider selection of animals than any other supplier and we have
    them available for year-round use
•  Expert support—Our knowledgeable, expert staff is ready to assist you. We also provide
   care guides, videos, activities, and other resources
•  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed—Your animals will arrive healthy or we’ll replace them for free
•  Convenience—We ship our animals quickly and give you the option to order now and
   ship at a later date
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Shop for Pillbugs at

Pill Bugs

Great for teaching evolution, adaptation and behavoir. Easy to care for in a moist environment.
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Shop for Painted Lady Butterflies at

Painted Lady Butterflies

Easy to set up and maintain. See complete life cycle in just a few weeks.
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Shop for Bessbugs at


Minimal care. Large, slow moving and easy to study.
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