AP* Biology Kits and All Your Science
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•  AP* Biology kits are convenient and save time
•  Kits provide step-by-step instructions for data collection and analysis
   and develop critical thinking skills
•  Kits are built to exacting standards and backed by Carolina's decades of
   experience producing kits for biology education
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Shop for AP Labs for the New Curriculum

Classroom Tested, Teacher Approved

Our kits cover Big Ideas 1-4: Evolution, Cellular processes, Genetics & Information Transfer, and Ecology.
Labs for the New Curriculum
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Prepare for the AP Biology Exam

We have kits for all 12 traditional AP Biology labs. Easy-to-use kits streamline teacher preparation time.
Labs for the Traditional Curriculum
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Must-Have Support Materials

From CD lesson plans to books, to charts to interactive whiteboard lessons—we support the way your students learn.
AP* Biology Classroom Resources

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