Case Studies

Read about the experiences, obstacles, and solutions instructors have addressed using Carolina Distance Learning® kits.
Alderson-Broaddus University Case Study

Alderson Broaddus University

A professor successfully launches Alderson Broaddus University’s first online biology course with straightforward, effective labs from Carolina Distance Learning®.
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Ashford University Case Study

Ashford University

Ashford students benefit from custom-designed labs that engage their imagination, strengthen their science literacy and critical-thinking skills, and fulfill course criteria.
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Central Carolina Community College Case Study

Central Carolina Community College

Customizable lab kits from Carolina Distance Learning continue to meet the needs of students and colleges. Find out how.
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Chattanooga State Case Study

Chattanooga State Community College

Anatomy and physiology students at Chattanooga State Community College excel thanks to Carolina Distance Learning® lab kits.
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Hennepin Technical College Case Study

Hennepin Technical College

A Hennepin Technical College faculty member raises the bar for her nursing students with customizable, experiential science lab kits.
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Dr. Kathryn Kloepper, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Mercer University

Mercer University

Students traveling domestically or abroad are able to complete their online chemistry course thanks to hassle-free lab kit delivery from Carolina.
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Oregon State University Case Study

Oregon State University

Oregon State University (OSU) has had great success with its online Introductory Biology course. The academic materials manager at OSU and Carolina staff work together to design a seamless process for students to order lab kits for the course.
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Rockingham Community College Case Study

Rockingham Community College

Rockingham Community College pairs open-source textbooks and distance learning lab kits to remove barriers to educational access. Find out how.
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UNCW Case Study

University of North Carolina Wilmington

UNCW partnered with Carolina to provide distance learning biology labs that help prepare nursing students for advanced life science courses.
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