Certifications and Partners

Carolina Distance Learning® partners with world leaders in distance education to stay abreast of emerging trends and best practices.


Carolina Distance Learning® is an OpenStax™ Partner, providing online science course lab kits that faculty can use with OpenStax™ books in their courses. Carolina Distance Learning® joins OpenStax™ in the mission to improve access to affordable educational materials by providing additional resources for OpenStax™ books. OpenStax™ is committed to providing free, peer-reviewed textbook content and offering multiple options for faculty who need additional resources for their courses.
Quality Matters

Quality Matters™

Courses that successfully meet QM Rubric Standards in an official course review are eligible for certification and carry the QM Certification Mark that is specific to the QM Rubric version used in the course review. Carolina Distance Learning® is proud to receive QM certification.
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Online Learning Consortium™ (OLC)

Carolina Distance Learning® team members (the Distance Learning Specialists and Director) are OLC Online Science Labs Mastery Series certified.