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Carolina Distance Learning® Partners with Quality Matters™

by Shannon McGurk, Director, Carolina Distance Learning®,  on January 31, 2018


Carolina Distance Learning Subscribes to Quality Matters

Quality Matters™ (QM) is an international organization recognized as a leader in online education quality assurance. It offers a subscription-based service for course review and certification. QM certification is only awarded to courses that have undergone a rigorous quality assurance program that includes comprehensive peer review and research. More than 1,300 colleges and universities worldwide subscribe to QM to improve their online and/or blended courses.

Carolina Distance Learning® strives to deliver excellence in the development, design, and publication of our courses. Our curriculum development goals are focused on ensuring the highest levels of student learning, interaction, and engagement. To help achieve those goals, Carolina Distance Learning® is a QM subscriber and is pursuing QM certification for all our courses.

Benefits of QM certification

QM-certified courses clearly benefit you and your students. Certification ensures that the courses we provide to your students help them get the best learning experience possible with clear expectations, relevant content, and engaging activities. It also ensures that the courses have undergone a rigorous quality assurance program to help you achieve your desired learning outcomes. Your institution benefits, as well.

According to QM, its course reviews are “a way to demonstrate that your offerings stack up against the competition and compare favorably to the expectations of learners, peers, stakeholders.” Because a certified course is peer vetted, it provides institutions with a compelling choice as a sound purchase. To learn more about the benefits of QM course review and certification, visit the Quality Matters™ website.


Our goal is to have all our courses certified as soon as possible. Currently, two are certified, Introduction to Chemistry and Introduction to Biology. Anatomy and Physiology is slated for certification in 2018.

Subscribing to QM and obtaining their certification for our courses reflects Carolina Distance Learning’s commitment to quality and excellence. We also partner with other world leaders in distance education, such as OpenStax™, BioDigital®, and the Online Learning Consortium™ (OLC), to stay abreast of emerging trends and best practices. Find out more about those partnerships

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