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Building Blocks of Science | 3DSmithsonian Programs

3 Steps to Get Ready for Science

Welcome back! We are providing you with a 3-step checklist to simplify opening your classroom.
1. Inventory and Prepare Your Kits
Taking an inventory of your kits not only lets you know what you need before teaching the modules again, but also gives you an opportunity to clean and organize the equipment to ensure lessons run smoothly.
Tips for kit inventory:
  • Don’t throw away those plastic cups! Many modules classify plastic cups as a reusable component. Before you toss any cups into a recycling bin, check the module teacher guide to see if you should instead wash and reuse them.
  • Use the kit inventory checklists to determine what is missing and which consumables need to be replaced.
  • Missing some kit materials? Order replacement items and consumables by one of these methods.
  • Order components using the Smithsonian Programs Components Catalog (follow ordering instructions in catalog).
  •  Order components online.
  • Order module refurbishment sets that contain all consumable materials.
  • • If your school or district purchased refurbishment sets, you already may have additional consumables and living material prepaid vouchers on site.
  • Additional consumables are packed in a brown Carolina box labeled with kit name and “2nd-Use Box.”
  • Living material order sheets are in a clear adhesive envelope attached to the 2nd-Use Box. If you cannot locate these sheets, Carolina’s Customer Service department can help you.
2. Prepare for Your First Lesson
Follow these tips to be ready to teach your first STCMS™ unit lesson.
  • Get familiar with program features.
  • Get familiar with Lesson 1 features.
  • Review the lesson materials:
  •  Kit items
  •  Review the Needed-But-Not-Supplied lists by lesson and determine what you already have and what you need to gather.
  • Look for Planning Ahead tips for materials you may need to prepare ahead of time. For example, do you need to plant seeds or order living materials?
  • Order living materials 2 weeks ahead of time to ensure you’ll receive them when needed.
3. Update Carolina Science Online (CSO) is Carolina’s eLearning platform with lots of features and digital resources. Here are some tips to help you prepare your student rosters and STCMS content on CSO.
  • Check out new digital resources you may now be able to access.
  • Clean up, manage, and add additional available resources to your bookmarks for future assignments or in-class instruction.
  • Create new assignments or use the reassign option for existing assignments.
  • Build your new student rosters using CSO’s CSV student roster template and send to Michelle Fredrickson, Carolina’s eLearning Product Support Specialist.
Download a printable version of this checklist to use when you’re opening your classroom!