Sheep Organs and All Your Preserved
Organism Needs

•  Carolina is a market leader in preserved specimen quality with a wide
    selection of full specimens and organs
•  Carolina's Perfect Solution® is a proprietary embalming formula that dramatically
    improves the quality of classroom dissection—saving you time in the classroom or lab
•  Specimens have no formalin order and no dangerous off-gassing
•  Remarkable in tissue quality—allowing students to see and feel more lifelike specimens
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Preserved Sheep Brains

Sheep Brains

A sheep brain is similar to a human brain and is a  perfect specimen to study mammalian brain structure.
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Preserved Sheep Hearts

Sheep Hearts

Study the heart and circulatory system by dissecting a sheep heart. Tissues are extremely lifelike.
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Preserved Sheep Kidneys

Sheep Kidneys

Identify as many parts of the internal structure as possible! Renal cortex, renal medulla, renal pelvis, etc.
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