Tigtag Science 

The complete teaching resource for elementary science

An award-winning supplemental science resource that includes lesson plans, practical activities and engaging real-world videos to provide a scientific-inquiry approach to teaching science.

Explore the Resources

Explore a sampling of the wonderful resources available across these science disciplines:

Spanish Translations

Tigtag can easily be accessed in Spanish with a simple selection of language in the upper right corner on the Tigtag website. Here are a couple of sample videos translated into Spanish:

Sample Spanish Videos


More Great Digital Resources

Looking for similar resources for K-1 or Grades 5+? Besure to explore these age appropriate resources.

TigTag Jr. (K-1)

Twig (Grade 5+)

Why Teachers Love Tigtag

It's no surprise to us — teachers have been asking for a resource like this for years!

Comprehensive Science Resource

Finally, a resource that includes a variety of tools allowing the classroom experience to be as diverse as your students' needs. Tigtag includes lesson plans, practical activities, short videos, teacher resources, images, topical science and quizzes.

Developed with and for Educators

Developed by a team of teachers across the US and some of the world's top schools.  Combining the needs of educators with the experience of subject experts, researchers and acclaimed filmmakers bringing the world of science to life in a real-world format.

Living Up To Your STANDARDS

Created specifically for use in schools and matched to a number of standards, including Common Core StandardsNext Generation Science Standards and National STEM Standards.

Benefits of Using Tigtag

Everyone wins by using Tigtag — students, teachers and administrators:

Technology Friendly

Easy to use across multiple platforms and devices, Tigtag does not require an integration with your school server.

Budget Friendly

Affordable digital science resources for schools and districts with various pricing plans to meet your needs.

Enhances Literacy Development and Differentiated Learning

Builds literacy skills with informational text and supports cross-curricular learning, and differentiated learning.

Flexible Resources

Supports inquiry-based instruction through hands-on, real world connections and easily integrates into your teaching style—blended learning, traditional classroom and 1:1 instruction.

Time Saver

No need to spend hours searching the internet for safe, age-appropriate content that is going to engage your students—it's all been done for you.
Friendly Support Team
Our staff is only a phone call or email away from providing you with the support you need.
Professional Development
Built-in teacher resources and background information provides teachers with a deeper understanding of science concepts prior to teaching lessons.
Student Engagement and Success
Guaranteed to captivate students and reinforces how the topics they're learning relate to the real world.
Easy to Use
An intuitive resource, integrate Tigtag into your existing lesson plans or use them as inspiration for future lessons.


"I love Tigtag! The content is great for either introducing new standards, or reviewing what they have learned.  I have been able to use Tigtag effectively with grades 1-5. My students love it.  They love the quick reviews and questions. The content is presented in an interesting and exciting manner.  It draws my students in!"
— Elementary Educator, 11+ years
"Tigtag provides real-life, factual material to the children about science concepts that we are studying. It not only is easy to use, but the children look forward to it and want to watch a new video everyday.  The proof of its effectiveness has just been realized with excellent grades on their recent unit assessment on classiflying animals."
— Science Teacher, 11+ years
"These videos have allowed my ELL students to gain understanding of English vocabulary for specific science terms that they may know in their home language. Tigtag provides a bridge of understanding without the load of trying to read very unfamiliar text."
— Elementary Teacher, 6-10 years
"Tigtag is a great product which supports auditory, visual and hands-on learning."
— Elementary Educator, 11+ years

"I am amazed at the quality of Tigtag's elementary supplemental science lessons and videos. This curriculum meets core learning standards. These lessons encourage hands-on learning in an exciting way....and helps science teachers enrich their curriculum!"

— Elementary Educator, 11+ years

"These videos look beautiful on Promethean boards and instantly add excitement and increase student engagement. They are well done and present key concepts clearly and effectively. Because they are short in length they are easily added to lesson plans and provide a technology connection critcial for today's learners."

— Educator, 6-10 years

"I cannot tell you how amazing I think your website is. It is truly engaging. My kids are learning so much and enjoying it while they learn. They beg me to start science every day! This is my first year teaching science for fourth grade and your site has made my life immearsurably easier! Thank you!"

— Fourth Grade Teacher
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